Women and men won't reach economic equality until 2186

By Sopio Datishvili

The gap of wages and economic difference between men and women won't be filled up for the next 170 years - This is what the World Economic Forum 2016 report says, which is based on the data from 144 countries. It shows how slowly the world is moving towards the gender equality.

In the data, published last year, WEF was saying that the gender gap would be filled up in more then a century years. The executive council of the World Economic Forum explains that their figures aren't final verdicts and it is reflection of global general picture in each particular year.

This week the organisation published Global gender Gap Report 2016, where Georgia is on the 90th place. The country has stepped back for 8 positions since last year. Countries of the region like Ukraine and Azerbaijan, have better results position the Georgia in the list.

As the rating is built on four major criteria, every country has its own evaluation and index in economic participation and opportunities, educational attainment, health and survival and political empowerment. Georgia's index in economic participation - 61, is the highest among these four. The lowest index, the country has is in health and survival (119) and in political empowerment (114). The index of educational attainment is 78.

The report was published almost simultaneously with the major protests in Iceland, where women are protesting gender wage gap of 14%-18%. Iceland is in the top of the list of the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report, as the country where gender balance is the best protected compared to other countries. The worst situation in this regard is in Yemen, which is on the 144th place with its gender gap index.

According to various reports, if in developing countries, the women had proper access to jobs, they could gain 9 trillion USD per year. If there was no gender gap, this money would go in their family budget.

This story is taken from the web page of the Women's Information Center and translated into English by me. To see the original story, click here.