The story of Nigerian girls from the day of abduction. (Timeline)

By Sopio Datishvili

After the slavery in inhuman environment, 21 Nigerian girls are finally back to their families, but another 100 kidnapped girls still remain in captivity of terrorists.

Latest News: Islamist terrorist organisation Boko Haram still keeps 197 Chibok girls in its camp. They all were kidnapped 2 years ago. 21 girls who were freed a week ago are already in their families. Nigerian government says that to return back the other girls, they consider prisoners' exchange as one of the options. At the same time Nigerian officials deny the fact of any kind of exchange so far.

Here, you can see the timeline of the events:

The story of Nigerian girls. from Sophio Datishvili

The story is translated by me. To see the original version, on the web site of Women's information Center, please click here