Failed Kisses

GEORGIA - Tbilisi: 'We kiss in the park cuz we like it': This was the name of the event created in Facebook with almost 600 'attend' and many supportive comments below. The group of people protesting new rules of behavior in public places, decided to gather in a newly opened park at Rike, where the kissing to the partner is prohibited by the park security.

The way of expressing position towards the unwritten new law, was unusual for the Tbilisi citizens, where meetings are always politically motivated and with radical demands.

The event started at 8 p.m and from the very beginning the organizers seemed to be out of plan. The number of reporters prevailed over the couples; there were no microphones, no slogans and no synchronic kisses.

Shy couples were observing minority of daredevils from the distance. In spite of total intentions, nothing exciting happened, which certainly means that the massage “we kiss in the park cuz we like it” failed to be delivered.