The people born after 1991 independence, vote for the first time in Georgia

According to the Georgian constitution article 28, the right of participation in elections and referendums are able the people after the age of 18. It is the first time when the youngsters born in 1991 take part into the elections. Totally there are 89 091 such people in Georgia.

The register of Mtatsminda, N10 polling station Eka Kamkamidze say s that during the day the activeness of the young people was quite high.

“Many young people are involved into the voting process. I’m young as well but I am really surprised with this fact”, she says.

Tornike Nikvashvili is one of those who went to the polling station for the first time. He thinks that as a citizen of the democratic country his vote has a big importance.

“This is my first elections and voting is my civil duty. I hope my vote will contribute my country in some way. So, I’ll see what results my first elections will have”.

“All my friends participate in the elections. They all are sure that with this, they can play an important part in the future of the country”, he also added.

Ana Rusishvili, 18 went to the polling station for the first time as well. Voting on that elections was her firm decision.

“I liked the process of voting. In my opinion it is necessary for everyone to use their right and they shouldn’t loose chance of electing their candidate”, she said.

Murtaz Liparteliani 77, pensioner was watching his polling station from outside in the park nearby after he signed his candidate for the local government in the morning. He says everything was different when he was young.

“We were told: he is a good man and vote for him. That’s all. At the election day there were real celebrations at the poling stations, feasts, joy. We were having a good time”, he remembers.

Elizabet Dokvadze is 68 now. She has also voted for unknown candidates for many times before the independence of 1991. She says this was done without any freedom of choice.

“During the Soviet times I had no idea who the candidate was. I used to go and vote for whoever I was told to. I wish these young generation live in the fair environment and take part into the fair elections as well”, she says.

The results of the choice of old and new generation on May 30, will be public by the end of the next week.