Russia suspects NATO in providing Georgia with arms.

The head of Russian Military Inteligency Agency, Alexandr Shliakhturov claims that NATO, Ukraine and Israel provide Georgia with armament. He says that Ukraine provides Georgia with arms via non-state way, but the country’s officials are well informed about this.

Shliakhturov says: “Georgia had been receiving weapons before august 2008 from NATO, Ukraine and Israel. It is provided with arms by these countries even today. In this process the most active countries are those from east Europe which are new members of the alliance. USA prepares Georgian troops with the tactics of NATO; Israel provides it with non pilot helicopters, Ukraine – with Tanks and means of air defense”.

According to the interpressnews, based on the sources of Azeri agency Trend, Russian intelligence agency is very interested with this issue as they think it is the danger against their country.

Alexandr Shliakhturov also says that Russia is cautious about US and NATO relations with Georgia which tends to ‘drag’ Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance also about anti-rocket system which may be placed in Caucasus.