Konstantine Gamsakhurdia - back in the parliament.

The leader of the Freedom Party, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia will return to the Parliament. He declared this after the meeting with the chairman of the Parliament Davit Bakradze, on October 29. Gamsakhurdia explained that after creating Parliamentary commission on Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s death he made up his mind to join the parliament.

After the meeting with Bakradze, at the interview with the Interpressnews Gamsakhurdia mentioned: “As an MP, I had the conversation about international politics and about the levers we hold”, he also added that the question of his possible appointment as a vice speaker wasn’t discussed during the meeting.

Davit Bakradze seemed satisfied with the meeting. “If we want once and for ever to put the end to the sense of instability, chaos and unpredictability in Georgian Politics, to learn not only going out into the streets , but also to sit in the institutions and political structures together, to work together and to settle problems through a civilized dialogue. Debates will be more important and active,” Bakradze said.

The chairman of the parliament stated that he is interested with the strengthening of oppositional power within the parliament.

As for the future plans of Konstantine Gamsakhurdia he isn’t going to join any political faction at the parliament. He also thinks that as the legislative branch doesn’t lack amount of the independent MP-s he excludes creating his own faction.

In September parliament endorsed constitutional amendment allowing 10 oppositional politicians, to return back to the legislative branch if they wished. The reason Gamsakhurdia had refused his MP mandate was his protest, with other 11 oppositional members, towards the results of May 21, 2008 parliamentary elections.